Visit Brønderslev Municipality during easter.

Easter in the heart of North Denmark

Spring has arrived in the beautiful North Denmark and all the colourful flowers bloom. Spend your easter visiting the extraordinary nature in Brønderslev Municipality. Visit Dronninglund Great Forest, The Jutlandic Ridge (Jyske Ås), Store Vildmose or Asaa Beach - all are places that guarantee you spectacular experiences in nature.

Are you more into a cultural experience? Easter time is full of traditions. The family is gathered and have a good time at the easter-dinner table. But easter is also a great time for visiting easter exhibitions at art galleries or visiting fun events for the whole family.

Activities during easter holidays in Brønderslev

Take a look at all the exciting experiences in the heart of North Denmark during the wonderful time of spring and easter holidays.

Easter holiday trip with the family?

Take the family for a trip into the blue - or rather into the green and colourful nature during the easter holidays!