Asaa Beach and Harbour

Asaa Beach welcomes happy guests with the white flag, which indicates clean waters and allowance for dogs, so that the whole family can get together for a nice time by the ocean. Asaa Harbour offers cosiness, culture and good times, and the Tidal Meadows are the Brønderslev areas own tidal flats, where wading birds pass by to the joy of many bird enthusiasts.

Asaa Beach

If you are looking for a beach that is both disability- and children-friendly, you might just have found the perfect place. Asaa Beach is characterised by the many small idyllic beach houses. Asaa Beach is known as the best beach of the east coast with a stretch of coast without any dangerous sandbanks, as the water is very shallow and only deepens very slowly. The white flag is raised on Asaa Beach, which means that the water is clean. Dogs are allowed at the beach, which ultimately makes it the perfect spot for the whole family to visit.

Asaa Harbour

Asaa Harbour is called the pearl of the east coast in North Jutland. The harbour is located on a 450 metres long dam, built in 1896. Along the road to the harbour you find the characteristic redpainted fisherman's houses from the 1930s, in one of which the idyllic Asaa Harbour Museum is located. The museum takes you back in time, and here, you can experiences collections of fishing tools, engines and navigation equipment from the past. In the summer you can catch crabs, the children can enjoy the playground and you can all taste a delicious ice cream at Café Hawblik. Every sunday from 10:00 am till 04:00 pm in July and August you can join the flea market at Asaa Harbour. The annual Asaa Harbour Festival takes place in the month of June.

The Tidal Meadows near Asaa and Geraa

Asaa and Geraa salt meadows are areas which the Danish Ministry of the Environment has designated for wildlife refuge. The areas have natural salt meadows side by side with cultivated fields, and can be described as a mini-tidal flat. The whole area is of big importance to wading birds that use the area as a pit stop, pantry and breeding area. Spring and fall are high season for birds to breed and migrate, and for this reason many bird enthusiast visit the salt meadows during spring and fall to experience and observe the multiple bird species, which migrate or search for food in the area. Birds of prey like the kestrel and the buzzard also crosses the area, and if you are lucky, you get to see them with their flocks.

Barktjære and Barkgryde

Before the modern fishing nets were invented, the nets needed to be stained, or barked as it was also called, which was done in a large cauldron down at the beach. The nets were put into the cauldron and brown tar or pitch was poured over, and when they had boiled for some time, they were hung to dry. Then, the fishing nets had become strong and resistant against the salty water of the ocean. On the south side of Havnegade at Asaa Harbour, you will find an old cauldron for boiling fishing nets in tar. 


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