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Museum of Supply and Sustainability

The people of the Moor, the Mills and Jyske Ås

Museum of Supply and Sustainability - Moss (formerly known as BK Museer) is a governmentally approved museum and cultural historical attraction in North Denmark with a specialty within the people of Vildmosen (the Great Wild Moor), the mills and in the history of Jyske Ås (the Jutlandic Ridge).

Through exhibitions and events all year round, the museum conveys the exciting and dramatic story about the life and work of the people in Vendsyssel through a wide historical perspective, about life at a mill through centuries, about the fight for survival in rugged terrain in Store Vildmose, and about self-sufficiency and industrialisation in the countryside and cities.

Have an experience in North Jutland at a preserved mill farm, Dorf Møllegård, with wind- and watermill and yard located in the scenic area of Jyske Ås.

Dorf Møllegård

The museum Dorf Mølle and Dorf Møllegård tells the eventful story of life on a mill farm through the centuries.

From 1870-71 was an extended mill farm built just south from Dorf Mill.

In the years 1914-25 the outbuildings of the farm was renewed with an architect designed farmhouse with 11 rooms, grain storage in the loft, stone baking oven, central heating and bath.

The actual museum is located in the outbuildings. A track leads around the mill lake and through the forest.

Dorf Kirkeby is characteristic for its two mills. The water mill in connection to the lake is more than 300 years old, and the windmill was built in the 19. century and was fully functioning until the 50s. It's the only one of its kind in the area of Jyske Ås.

The windmill in Dorf was built in 1887, and was in operation until the 1950s. The wind-powered mil served as a helping mil for the water-powered mil that already existed in 1664. The watermill had one grinder that was powered by water from forest streams. It could grind both in the summer and winter except in drought and frost.

At the mill farm, you experience farming, self-sufficiency and industrialisation in the country side at the time.

Dorf Møllegård has a café, parking and outdoor tables and benches. Toilets and information are available at the Møllegård.

Brønderslev Municipality's new experience centre

Museum MOSS has the ambition to be the cultural historical knowledge- and experience centre of the Municipality, which on the foundation of its collections, research and studies conveys the joint cultural heritage in modern, innovative, inspiring and involving forms to a growing number of audiences.

The museum will actively contribute to the development of a joint historical identity in the municipality of Brønderslev, one that makes the citizens proud. Museum MOSS strives to be an attractive collaborator and business partner in the development of cultural experiences both on a local and a national level.

See the museum's website for news, information and exciting events.