Nygårdsminde vineyard vinery wine park golf garden nature


Welcome at Nygårdsminde - a place full of oppotunities. Enjoy a tour in the wine fields and have a taste of Danish quality wine, arrange your next VIP-meeting in the stunning meeting rooms, have a game of Park Golf, or listen to the silence in the beautiful surrounding park.

Nygårdsminde vineyard vinery wine park golf garden nature

Nygårdsminde Winery

Nygårdsminde Winery is a small quality minded winery with 2.000 vines. The vine plants was planted in 2010–2016 and now grows beautifully on the 1,2 hectres on a south facing slope.

To many people,  wine “Made in Denmark”  sounds odd, but fact is that wine is being made in Denmark - and good wine as well. At Nygårdsminde, the wine farmers Jan and Gitte has accepted the challenge and every year, they produce lovely wine, both red, white and port as well as the famous Nygårdsminde Rosé.

They plan events, guided tours and wine tastings on Nygårdsminde, but call Jan or Gitte for a tailored tour in the vineyards when it suits you.


Jan 26 30 64 48
Gitte 22 94 15 11

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Nygårdsminde Park Golf

Try the brand new Park Golf course at Nygårdsminde – a fun and healthy experience for all!

Park golf is a mix of mini golf and regular golf. Park golf is played on a smaller field - and is much easier than regular golf is.

Park golf origins from Japan and is - as the name suggests - played in a park.

A round a park golf consists of 9 holes. Park golf is played with a ball the size of a tennis ball, and you use the same club all the way around. The course is built as a regular golf course with teested, fairway, rough, bunker and out-of-bounds areas.

Read more about Nygårdsminde Park Golf

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VIP meetings at Nygårdsminde

Are you looking for an extraordinary location for your next VIP event?

With its location with vineyards and idyllic surroundings, Nygårdsminde is the perfect place for your next VIP meeting: E.g. for a board meeting or for a gathering of the leader group at a special occation.

You will have a guided tour in the vineyards and taste the lovely wine. You can also get to know each other better with a game of park golf on the beautiful park golf course

Nygårdsminde's facilities

  • Exclusive surroundings and the opportunity to take the meeting in the great, light dining room or the beautiful conservatory. You will have the rooms all to yourself.
  • Access to two toilets.
  • Idyllic natural surroundings in the large flower garden and orchard with the options to walk-and-talk or just use the lovely terraces for the meeting.
  • Opportunities to play park golf as an active break or to get to know each other.
  • Catering by local suppliers: Breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee with cake.
  • Guided tours in the vineyards and story telling about how to farm wine in Denmark Remember to wear good shoes.
  • Tasting of Nygårdsminde's wines on the terrace with a view of the vineyards or in the show room of Nygårdsminde.
  • Free wifi, whiteboard and flip-over.
  • Vinfarmer Jan Lunde will be your host all day.

Contact Nygårdsminde and let them make you a tailored offer on phone +45 26306448 or

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Nygårdsminde Garden

Besides the beautiful manor, the vineyards and the park golf course, Nygårdsminde consists of a large and lovely flower garden, a small fruit orchard and a vegetable garden.


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Tolstrupvej 102

9700 Brønderslev


Longitude: 9.941844

Latitude: 57.288884

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