Photo: Brønderslev Erhverv og Turisme

Are you ready for a real life fairytale? In the heart of North Jutland you will find two marvellous renaissance castles ready for you to explore. Depending on the time of your visit, the castles host various events, which take you back to the time where the function of the castles peaked.

In Brønderslev you can go exploring two wonderful castles

At Dronninglund Slot you can enjoy an overnight stay of pure decandence and feel like a king or quuen. The marvellous castle still maintains its lavish style from back in the days, but is at the same time a modern conference centre, hotel and event location.

Voergaard Slot lets you walk in the foodsteps of the avaricious and brutal bishop Stygge Krumpen, or listen to the ghost stories of The White Lady, Ingeborg Skeel, walking the corridors and dungeon of the castle. You can also explore the unique and wonderful french art collection.

Dronninglund Slot

Feel the presence of history in the royal surrounding at Dronninglund Slot. The modern castle offers a great overnight's stay, changing exhibitions, guided tours, and, not least, a great tasting experience at Restaurant Prinsesse Sophie Hedvig.

Voergaard Slot

Behind the thick walls you will find Denmark's most beautiful Renaissance building, built between 1481 and 1590. In the castle, you will find interesting private art collections and horrifying ghost stories. Enjoy a historical day with the family and discover the old stories of Ingeborg...