Klokkerholm Møllesø angling nature
Experience nature in

the heart of North Denmark

Fresh air is good for both body and soul.

The quietness of the deep forests, the murmur of the sea and the smell of fresh grass cleanses, calms and creates the perfect setting for great experiences.

Experience nature along the mild east coast or in the deep forests of Jyske Ås, or explore Store Vildmose.

Do you have the right gear?

Go get your golfing kit and best shoes, or pack your angling gear and visit beautiful nature.

Golf Courses


Experiences in nature for the whole family

Natural resorts

In the Brønderslev area of North Jutland, you will find lots of beautiful natural resorts, each with it's own features that are unique to the region. Some are out in the open, some are in the wilderness and some close to towns; However, all natural resorts are hidden away from the the bu...


Find lovely playgrounds that invite children to play and have fun outside, while the whole family enjoys fresh air in the local natural areas close to the towns.

Horseback Riding

Wind in the hear, the sound of quick hoofs and fresh air at full speed - riding is for everyone, and in Brønderslev Municipality you find all the facilities you need for a great horseback experience.

Selected outdoor experiences

Asaa SUP

Enjoy the idyllic coast in Asaa and have an extraordinary nature experience with a trip on a stand up paddle board. Every Saturday at 2 pm you can ...

Store Vildmose

South west of Brønderslev is Store Vildmose with it´s distinctive and magnificent nature. Apart from a culitvated area of extensive range lands, pot...

Experience Nature by Night

- and listen to the rare Common Spade-foot (toat). Project Common Spade-foot gives you the opportunity to experience the rare Common Spade-foot (Lø...

Stentinget Byrhøj by Klokkerholm

Just outside the town of Klokkerholm you can experience history. Here, you find the historical site called Stentinget and the burial mound called Byrh...

Asaa Beach

The beach in Asaa is very children friendly and easily accessible for disabled. The Blue Flag is waving here as an evidence that the water is clean an...

Jyske Ås (the Jutlandic Ridge)

The area around Dronninglund offers you a lovely landscape and outstanding nature. Here, you have a chance to experience luxuriant fields, large woods...

Meet the Deers

The Deer forrest has alot to offer, such as deers, peacocks, and koi fish.  In the forrest you will find a small playground and a house with toilet...

Thise Hills

Thise Hills (Bakker) offers plenty of great views of the surrounding nature and beautiful natural surroundings. Thise Hills is one of Western Vends...